3 Days Radical Collaboration Workshop

What is Radical Collaboration?

Radical Collaboration is designed to teach people five very
practical and immediately useful skills essential to building
more effective collaborative relationships between
individuals and within teams and organizations.

It is a three-day, highly interactive workshop, offered both
as an open enrollment workshop, and as in-house training.
It is particularly effective for established teams trying to
build more trusting, collaborative relationships with
colleagues, customers, and partners.


This program is acknowledged for its effectiveness, depth,
immediately applicable skills learned in a relatively short
amount of time, and is run world-wide in organizations
aiming to create a high-performance environment.

The 5 essential skills

Collaborative Intention

Stay non-defensive and commit to mutual success in relationships.


Create an environment that is psychologically safe enough for people to tell you the (their) truth, or raise difficult issues.


Take responsibility for the choices you make and for the
intended and unintended consequences of those choices.


Commit to know yourself and others well enough to explore and resolve difficult interpersonal issues.

Negotiation & Problem Solving

Skillfully negotiate your way through inevitable conflicts
in a way that supports rather than undermines the relationship.

Expected Outcomes

  • Develop key leadership skills that
    are crucial for effective
    collaboration; feeling centered
    and being more influential
  • Develop the ability to connect
    with others and build trust
  • Acquire skills in interest-based
    problem-solving, negotiation and
    conflict resolution
  • Increase self-awareness of personal preferences and styles, when collaborating and managing conflict
  • Know how to create psychological safety so people feel safe to raise difficult issues
  • Develop a higher level of personal responsibility (self-accountability) when solving differences in important working relationships
  • Develop metacognition skills that allow you to be more aware of your own concerns, intentions and motivations and those of other people
  • Have an opportunity to devise a plan for dealing with a real and current collaboration challenge that you have

When in doubt,
choose change.

  • 3 experiential and intense training days (consecutive or spread
    over a period of 4-5 weeks)
  • Warm up and interaction on digital learning platform Howspace,
    or gathering of data via menti (if agreed)
  • Facilitation by 2 experienced senior trainers
  • Work in groups or with buddy on concrete real-life case

General Information

Who can benefit from the program?

Radical Collaboration is for anyone and any team that would like to improve their effectiveness and collaboration skills.


It is also particularly helpful for individuals responsible for creating more collaborative environments within a team or organization, both in global organizations and complex matrix structures but also in fast-growing start-ups where the ability to build effective working relationships becomes increasingly important as the organization scales in size and the environment becomes more complex.


Participants include (but are not limited to):
(Executive) Leadership teams, Division Heads, Project Leaders, HR professionals, Teams that need to work across functions and have a need for high levels collaboration

  • The 5 Essential Skills for Building Collaborative
  • Red zone / Green zone organizations & environments
  • FIRO Theory developed by Dr. Will Schutz: “Fundamental
    Interpersonal Relationships Orientations”
  • Interest Based Approach to Negotiation and Problem
    Solving (John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard
  • Defensiveness – what is it and how do you work with it
  • Game Theory & Prisoner’s Dilemma (developed by the RAND
    Corporation and Albert W. Tucker

Key Concepts

“For more than a decade, Radical Collaboration has been one of the most important and best
evaluated parts of the International Senior Management Program at the Stockholm School of Economics.”

Tommy Sundin

Director of Executive Programs Stockholm School of Economic

Anna is a leader with range that can take on any challenge. Her tool-set combines people, organisational development knowledge and business acumen. She has an incredible ability to foster trust in teams she builds and leads, making them top business performers. Anna is a driven professional with the capability of thinking long term and just getting things done.
Karen Biehl
Head of Portfolio Marketing at Ericsson

Anna Faber is not only an excellent, very experienced Radical Collaboration

trainer, she has a wealth of experience working with both leadership issues and team development issues. I’ve personally co-trained a number of Radical Collaboration workshops with Anna and I’m certain you will not be disappointed.

Jim Tamm
Founder of Radical Collaboration®

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